Vanity Palace & The OutletVanity Outlet website

Working with Garage Geeks we helped the ladies behind Vanity Palace and The Outlet move away from being solely reliant on eBay to having their own webstores that can utilise eBay & Amazon as sales channels.

The websites are both running on Magento, each within their own vhost on a VPS. Some of the resource settings for PHP were tweaked to allow the M2EPro extension that handles the external sales channels to run properly.

Working with the website owners we installed a theme of their choosing and customised it to their liking, to include extra elements such as social networking buttons and an option to access each sister website.

We’ve also helped them to learn how to use Magento and how to configure and run the external listings to their preference.

Bear EntertainmentBear Entertainment

I’ve helped Sean to put together his own website – – this is running on WordPress with additional plugins and some tweaks to the chosen theme.

Garage Geeks

I also setup the Garage Geeks website, which is running on WordPress and is currently a fairly standard install.

This website

I’m developing this website too – of course – and it is also based in WordPress. I’m working separately on the excellent Bones starter theme which I’ll be looking to customise using SASS and apply to the website at a later date (when I finally find time!).

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