My portfolio includes SEO projects, E-commerce websites, articles, music & an ale.

I currently work for Creode – a digital media agency in Leeds & London. As part of the marketing team I use SEO, social media, analytics, webmaster tools and email marketing to increase traffic and conversions for clients.

Whilst I cannot disclose details of the work i did with Igniyte, I was involved in the development of the main website and a couple of the websites they work on. I moved the website from a shared hosting provider to a VPS, added plugins to expand the functionality available & did some minor tweaks to the theme to display social buttons in the footer.

Working with a friend we helped friends move over from reliance on ebay to run their own e-commerce stores that can use Ebay and Amazon as sales channels. Vanity Palace and The Outlet run on Magento and use the m2epro plugin to add the channels.

I recently made my first brew – a nice IPA – and once I’ve moved I hope to brew regularly.

I’ll update this later to provide links to articles I’ve written & my muisc (if you’re (un)lucky!)

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